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The dog industry is a big business, they say. It will continue to grow in the coming years because more families are seeing and loving their dog as a family member. No longer confined to the kennel, dogs have won their way into our beds, our brunches, and, now, our wardrobes. Ari is my baby, and just like you dress up a human child, I dress up my dog, Maitri Mody, of Honey, I Dressed the Pug , says. What I enjoy the most is to have a partner in style. We believe in twinning is winning, and we have a whole lot of fun doing it. One in three pet owners in the US is a millennial, according to market research firm Packaged Facts, while Mintel asserts that three-quarters of กระเป๋าแฟชั่น ผู้หญิง ราคาถูก 200 Americans in their 30s own a dog. At the same time, the average age at which we first have kids continues to rise and a quarter of millennials may never marry. View photos Basil, in a scarf. More Sharing a sweet snap of your schnauzer in black-framed glasses and a striped jumper is much subtler than posting images of designer purses or glittering bling, but the underlying message to your followers isnt so different.

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