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With the flagship store in a prime Cleethorpes spot, the family opened a branch of the business in Louth two years ago. And with many of the clothes one size only, eliminating the need to mess about with sizes and things that don't fit, there is little wonder that Tilletts continues to go from strength to strength. The immediate point that strikes you as you go behind the scenes of the business is the professionalism of not only the family, but the many staff working at the shops. Started by Melanie Tillett ten years ago, and since joined by daughters Grace and Nancy, a professional approach is something that the whole of "Team Tillett" is passionate about. Read more: What to expect from the first-ever Freeman Street Festival Melanie said: "The impression we give is very important and we are careful to market things properly. We are selling a lot on our website, as well as in the shops, and our packaging and attention to detail is, in many ways, just as important as the product. "We employ 12 local people and have brought in two models, a communications specialist, a graphic designer and a business coach; these are also local people. The business coach we brought in to help create our plan for the next five years and we have a planning meeting every 90 days to ensure we are still on track. "Our aim is to be the go-to fashion retailer for middle age customers and it would be nice to expand nationally, although we are taking things one step at a time." "Fast fashion" are the buzz words at Tilletts, which, if you haven't heard of it, is the buying of stock on an almost weekly basis in order to keep things fresh and to provide the customer with items of use at that time. For example, the start of the spring wasn't a particularly warm one and when temperatures dropped to one degree celsius several nights in a row, during April, it was almost impossible to find any warm clothing for sale on the high street. The fast fashion ethos at Tilletts means that customers are able to still buy things relevant to the weather and, of course, what is fashionable at the time.

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