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This is not to say all clothing must by unisex, but that the profound demarcation between men's and women's fashion is a bit archaic. Many people prefer wearing clothes of another gender than which society labels them, and others enjoy wearing men's and women's clothing without being forced to decide between the two groups. A new fashion app called RIGit troubleshoots this issue and then some, offering a seamless experience for shoppers who crave style inspiration sans stereotypes. I spoke to the creators of RIGit and got the scoop on why they made the app, and exactly how to score the cool-person duds. Amy Bender (left) and April Mellas (right) are the co-founders of RIGit and are revolutionizing the way the world shops. The idea for the app came up while the two were chatting about clothing and wondered, "What makes a sweater a 'boy sweater?' The color, the material, the size?" Bender explains, We know that the assignment of gender to clothing is simply a marketing ploy to sell more stuff – but at what expense? By assigning gender to these objects we are loading so much baggage and stereotype onto articles of clothing. Bender and Mellas are not creating a line of androgynous, baggy sweats, though: RIGit is about taking clothing that might have originally been designed only for a male or only for a female and styling them in a way that can appeal to a wider audience. The app aims to break the stigma around clothing labeled as "Men's" and "Women's." Mellas has personally experienced uncomfortable situations while shopping, either feeling awkward in the men's department or being mistaken for a man in the women's section. These incidents are part of what fueled her ideas for RIGit. "We believe that any article of clothing should be worn by anyone that likes it," states Bender.

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