The Facts In 2015 For Logical Programs Of Sleepwear

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Army Reserve Center in Massachusetts. Massachusetts State Police/Handout via Reuters 1/2 left right A man matching the description of prison escapee James Morales is pictured attempting to rob a bank in Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S. in this January 5, 2017 FBI handout photo. FBI/Handout via REUTERS 2/2 BOSTON Police captured on Thursday a Massachusetts man who escaped from a Rhode Island jail where he was awaiting trial on charges of stealing weapons from a U.S. Army Reserve facility. James Morales, 35, escaped from the Donald W. Wyatt Detention Facility in Rhode Island on Saturday, prompting a manhunt that spanned both states. Police located him when a man matching his description robbed a bank in Cambridge, Massachusetts, just outside Boston, on Thursday morning. After an hours-long search by police helicopters, officers found Morales in nearby Somerville and arrested him, the Massachusetts State Police said on Twitter. Morales is suspected of stealing six military rifles and 10 handguns from a U.S.