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The attorneys general of New York, Oregon and Massachusetts also said they would join the suit. The states follow Hawaii, which filed a complaint in a Honolulu federal court against the revised travel ban on Wednesday. Hawaii's complaint says it objects to the new travel order because it has "profound" and "detrimental" effects on the state's economy and people. The state also argues that the executive order discriminates against Muslims and violates the equal protection and due process guarantees of the Constitution. [W]hile the President signed a revised version on March 6... we still know exactly what it means. It is another attempt by the administration to enact a discriminatory ban that goes against the fundamental teachings of our Constitution and our immigration laws, even if it is cloaked in ostensibly neutral terms,"the state says in its filing. The state's new complaint amends its initial challenge to an earlier, more comprehensive travel ban issued by the Trump administration in January. A hearing is set for 9:30 a.m.

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The deal, with Los Angeles Times-parent tronc Inc, is a boost for the Washington Post as it looks to branch out from its core news business against a backdrop of falling advertising revenue for traditional media. The newspaper's year-old service, called Arc Publishing, now has about a dozen clients and is aiming for $100 million in annual revenue. Bezos bought the Washington Post for $250 million four years ago in a private deal not related to Amazon. "Thanks LA Times for choosing WaPo's Arc Publishing for your digital platform, and kudos to tech team at The Post!" Bezos posted on Twitter on Monday, when the deal was announced. The deal indirectly benefits Amazon Web Services (AWS), the world's biggest cloud-computing business and Amazon's fastest-growing unit, which posted a 55 percent jump in sales last year to $12.2 billion. For AWS, Arc represents a new opportunity to extend its reach into the publishing world, where a host of software companies serve both news media and corporate clients that increasingly publish material on the web to directly reach customers. AWS already counts publishers Hearst and the Guardian as customers. Despite the Bezos connection, the choice of using AWS is not automatic, said the Washington Post. "We will host with whatever cloud service gives us the maximum value," the company's Chief Information Officer Shailesh Prakash said in an email, noting it uses alternative vendors Instart Logic Inc and Akamai Technologies Inc for certain features. The Washington Post pays for AWS, he added.

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